Stretch Menu

Our stretches are designed to address the biomechanics

of common activities to prevent injuries, improve

performance and keep you feeling great.

Know you need a stretch but don't know where to start? No problem. Each 20 to 30 minute stretch is tailored to a specific activity and targeted to address problem areas.




Expect to sit straighter, move easier and walk out (feeling) two inches taller.

Consider this our greatest hits covering all your top ailments. Low back, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, neck, we got you. It's perfect after a day at your desk or if you just need a little pick me up. 


Expect loose legs, fluid steps and the overwhelming desire to lace up your sneakers.

A total low body experience. We give love to those forgotten areas (looking at you, feet and ankles) and get into the 'hard to stretch myself' quads and hips. On top of the most requested hamstring and calf stretches of course.



Expect lightness on the bike, airy leg joints and flying up those hills.

Sitting on a bike, especially after sitting all day can be killer on those legs, glutes, and hip flexors. We stretch out the entire area and add in a splash of chest opening because who among us hasn't death gripped those handlebars? 



Expect smooth swings, increased power and the ability to tee up your ball without struggle.

Your thigh bone's connected to your hip bone. Your hip bone's connected to your back bone. Your back bone's connected to your shoulder bone.... And they'll all get opened up to counteract those repetitive, body twisting swings!  



Expect open shoulders, a more limber back and cat like reflexes that will shock your opponent.

X marks the spot with this stretch. All those right/left, upper/lower body movements connect through your mid back. We work our way there from the shoulders, legs and hips and then loosen up that tricky back. 


The Racked Method