Marathons Are More Than Miles

To crush a marathon you’ve got to run. Obvious, right? But what you do after all those miles is just as important to your overall performance. At Racked you’ll find New York’s top stretch experts, all with the same goal - to get you across the finish line.

Make recovery a priority with the Racked Marathon Membership. We take the guesswork (and hard work) out of stretching to improve your recovery and make you a stronger runner.


Membership Program

  • Two 30-minute stretches per month

  • 15% off additional stretches

  • Access to seminars, stretch classes and partner discounts from MHRC, FlexPT, StudioMed, HACKD, and more!

  • Redeemable at any Racked location

$99/month ($120 value)

*Stretches roll over 15 days. Four month commitment from date of purchase.


Marathon Membership Perks

We’ve partnered with a select few friends who are focused on helping you get across the finish line. Access and codes will be provided with your membership.

Why do I need to stretch? 

Stretching is a foundational piece to any training regimen. Our scientific approach to dynamic stretching uses controlled movements to improve range of motion, loosen up muscles and increases heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to help take your performance to new levels, faster paces, and better times.

Shouldn't I be focused on running? 

Quality runs require quality recoveries. Allowing your body to recover will play a vital role in your overall performance. Setting aside times for a proper stretch is also great for breaking up your endurance training to avoid overworking your body so you can run easier, farther, and faster with fewer injuries. 

Which stretch would you recommend for marathon training?

Just like your training, we suggest mixing things up. Alternating between our signature Full Body and Run stretches will cover all of your bases and ensure you are loose from head to toe.