We know you’re busy so we’ve partnered with some of your favorite studios to bring Racked Stretch right to your workout. Get the stretch you crave in the place you’re at.


Find us seven days a week in the Recovery Room at Mile High Run Club Nomad, NYC’s premier indoor running studio!

We say: MHRC is one of the best workouts around. They cover all the bases with great tunes, party lighting and well stocked locker rooms. But what really sets them apart is the focus on coaching, turning you into a better runner every time you take a class (no matter your level).


Catch us on Saturdays at Beast: Fitness Evolved, the Brooklyn born HIIT studio that’s packed with state-of-the-art equipment and extraordinary Pack Leaders.

We say: This place brings the (Brooklyn) style and substance! The workout goes beyond the burpees (though expect those too) to challenge your brain and your body, smartly working your entire kinetic chain. You’ll really earn that #sweatyselfie in front of their iconic Biggie wall!


We’ll be back at New York’s original boutique fitness studio this January, featuring a bespoke BBS stretch!

We say: There’s no question why BBS has so many long-time, loyal followers. The dance component is so much fun that you (almost) don’t notice how hard you’re working. And when those long, lean muscles start appearing you’ll be totally hooked!

Interested in becoming a studio partner? Email hello@rackedstretch.com to learn more.